Safari Njema Cover - Unique Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Safari Njema Cover is a newly introduced unique Insurance product  designed and introduced to the market by the most experienced Insurance Brokerage firm,NDEGE INSURANCE BROKERS(NIB). This product is brought to you in partnership with the number one, top most Life Insurance Underwriter, AFRICAN LIFE ASSURANCE(AFLIFE).

Mode of Payment :

Safari Njema cover is uniquely designed to enable individuals and family purchase a Personal Accident cover via   the widest range of mobile money platforms channels. These channels includes: TIGO PESA,MPESA, ZPESA,MAX MALIPO, EASY PESA, MPESA, AIRTEL MONEY, AND ATM IN SELECTED NETWORKS.

Extent of cover:

We at Ndege Insurance believe that, in today’s modern world, we all have to travel at some point in time, either yourself, with partner or family. It is much easier when your travel mode is safe and reliable. Having peace of mind and assurance of any incidents related to travel ensures a complete joyous trip. This is why we have designed and introduced Safari Njema to you, providing  Personal Accident coverage to a maximum of 10,000,000Tshs.(Ten Million Shillings),at a small premium of only 5,000Tshs.Covering you all the way for 7 Days  anywhere within Tanzanian territory.

The age limits allowance for this cover are between 18 to 65 Years.


By purchasing a Safari Njema Insurance Policy, You are entitled to the following accident only benefits:

  1. Death-Payable to a nominated beneficiary/Next of kin, to a muxmum of 10Million shillings.
  2. Permanent Total Dissability- Payable to the life assured,to a muxmum of 10Million Shillings.
  3. Permanet Partial Dissability-Payable to the life assured upon medical certification of the disability. This benefit is payable in percentage subject to Disability Scale provided.
  4. Medical Expenses: Safari Njema shall provide compensation for medical expenses as a result of accident up to a maximum of   500,000Tshs. Payable as reimbursement.
  5. Funeral Cover: In case of Accidental death, the family shall receive a total of 500,000Tshs to assist with funeral expenses.

Registration Procedure:

In order to register for this amazing insurance policy, you simply have to do one of the following:

  1. Open mobile money interface(Tigopesa, Mpesa, Zpesa, Airtel Money) and go to menu:  Select : Safari Njema then follow instructions. You will receive cover confirmation and policy number.
  2. Go to ATMs  Machine, Insert your card and Select Mobile Banking: Select Safari Njema. Make payments and you will receive cover confirmation and policy number.
  3. Visit any nearby Selcom Vendors across the county   and ask them to connect you to Safari Njema.


Upon payment of Insurance premium, you will receive an Insurance policy reference number and brief description of the coverage purchased. This will also confirm details of the nominated beneficiary who will legally be liable for benefit payments upon any occurrence of a covered peril. You are therefore required to register, full name and address of the nominated next of kin.

In case of Disability, all benefits will be paid to you directly upon submission of claims intimation documents and medical certification from a recognized  Medical facility.

In the event of death of the life assured, the death and funeral expense benefits will be paid to the deceased’s declared beneficiary. In respect of a claim for permanent disability, permanent partial disability and/or medical expenses, the benefits will be paid the life assured.


Safari Njema cover provides you with complete Accident protection for a maximum of Seven (7) Days. You may re purchase the cover upon expiry of the period. It does not matter how much frequently you have purchased the product as long as you obtain one at a time,and renew as it expires.

We make it Simple and Confortable for you and  your family.


To process claims, please call our claims process number:

Safari Njema toll free number 151777 and follow instructions thereon. Or visit any near by Ndege Insurance Offices, or sales point.

Your beneficiary must provide a proof of death certificate as well as a copy of positive identification the of the insured deceased with relevant proof documents. We may also require Police report, Certified Medical Reports or Letters from Local Government authorities.

Note: The insurer has the right to seek further expert opinion from appointed Doctors, should there be a need to do so.

General Provisions

     It is declared and agreed that:

  1. The Company shall not be liable to pay, for Death or Disability resulting from an accident, more than the compensation payable for Death or Permanent Disability plus the funeral benefit any compensation payable for Medical Expenses;
  2. This policy does not apply to any such person under 15 or over 70 years of age;
  3. After suffering accidental bodily injury for which compensation may be payable under this policy, such person shall, when reasonably required by the Company so to do, submit to medical examination and undergo any treatment specified. The Company shall not be liable to make any payment unless this proviso is complied with to its satisfaction;
  4. This policy does not cover death or injury directly or indirectly caused by, related to or in consequence of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, mutiny, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power, riots or civil commotion.
  5. The Company shall not be liable to make any payment under this policy in respect of the life assured:
  6. While he/she is travelling by air other than as a passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft provided such passenger is not acting as a member of the aircraft crew, nor flying for the purpose of any Trade or Technical Operation connected with the aircraft in which he is travelling.
  7. For an event caused solely by an existing physical defect or other infirmity of such person;
  8. While he/she is engaged in motor cycling whether as a driver or passenger

See the Continental Dissability Scale