Safari Njema Continental Dissability Scale

Disability Description

Permanent/Partial disability Percentage of
loss by physical separation at or above the wrist or ankle of one or more limbs   100
permanent and total loss of: whole eye 100
sight of eye 100
sight of eye except perception of light 75
permanent and total loss of hearing in: both ears 100
one ear 25
permanent and total loss of speech   100
injuries resulting in permanent total incapacity from following usual occupation or any other occupation for which such person is fitted by knowledge or training   100
loss of four fingers   70
loss of thumb: both phalanges 25
one phalanx 10
loss of index finger: three phalanges 10
two phalanges 8
one phalanges 4
loss of middle finger: three phalanges 6
two phalanges 4
one phalanges 2
loss of ring finger: three phalanges 5
two phalanges 4
one phalanges 2
loss of little finger: three phalanges 4
two phalanges 3
one phalanges 2
loss of toes: all on one foot 30
great, both phalanges 5
great, one phalanx 2
other than great, if more than one toe lost, each 2

Provided that:

  • Where the injury is not specified, the Company will pay such sum as, in their opinion, is consistent with the above provisions;
  • Permanent total loss of use of part of the body shall be treated as loss of such part;
  • 100 per cent shall be the maximum percentage of compensation payable for Permanent Disability resulting from an accident or series of accidents arising from one cause in respect of any one such person.

Medical Expenses shall mean all costs and expenses necessarily incurred  in emergency transportation or freeing such person if trapped or bringing such person to a place of safety) as a result of bodily injury.